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ANSON SA4 F3 / Super vee

Gary Anderson and Bob Simpson developed a Brabham BT38 in 1975 to race it in Formula 3 and gave it the name ANSON (ANderson - simpSON) SA1. By 1981 the ANSON AS3 was achieving some success in Europe and was brought to the States as the SA3V to run the Super Vee championship. Franz Konrad won the German F3 with an Anson and this generated a lot of interest in the car. The 1983-84 SA4 was a very advanced formula car with the latest technology very well incorporated. It was a scaled down Formula 1. Tomy Byrne was brought to the States to demonstrate its potential. He himself finish 6th in the European F3 with an AS4-VW. The last Anson, the SA6 ,was built by Pacemaker Performance Cars in UK. It was designed for the FSV. Gary Anderson took a position with a Formula 3000 team in 1986 and later designed the first Jordan Formula 1.